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Mama sweatshirt | Kids names on sleeve

Mama sweatshirt | Kids names on sleeve

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Is there anything that brings more joy to a mother than having her child's name on a special item? Imagine a snug sweatshirt adorned with a 'mama' neckline. And to make it even better, why not add the kids' names to the sleeve? It's like the perfect cherry on top!
- Gildan 18000 sweatshirt -

(Neck Only)
We appreciate the simplicity of the sweatshirt, especially with the understated 'mama' at the top. This design, without the names on the sleeve, could make a perfect gift for an expectant mama uncertain about the future baby's name. A minimalist look without sleeve details.

(Neck + 1 Slv)
We recommend 1 sleeve for 1-5 kids' names. 4 is the max that can be fit comfortably if you are also requesting a heart.

(Neck + 2 Slv)
2 sleeves is great for 5-10 names. However, you can also do 2 sleeves and put 2 and 2 or however you see fit. As a reminder, a heart will only work if there are less than five names per sleeve.* If you want the heart on the sleeve under the name (note this is only available if you have less than 5 names per sleeve)*

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